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  Casa dos Castelejos


Great Bustard

Little Bustard

Black-bellied sandgrouse



Lesser Kestrel

Black Kite

  Casa dos Castelejos


Also commonly known as Sting-fish, it is an unmistakable bird, thanks to its combination of bluish greens in the most visible parts, and mainly to its behavior and biotype. The exhibitions of the male during the ceremony of the bridal parade gained special importance, carrying out flights in a high altitude, describing circles and chasing the female.

It is a water bird of sharp beak, unmistakable for its chromatic beauty, making it one of the most charming of Portuguese birds. Since the Estate of Castelejos is crossed by a small river, Kingfisher is seen here on its flights looking for fish and making more beautiful anywhere it flies over.


Kingfisher (alcedo atthis)