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  Casa dos Castelejos

Small and Big Game Hunting


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One day in a Ganadaria Brava [Brave Livestock]

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Chapel of N. Sra. Aracelis [Our Lady of Aracelis]

River beach of Mina de S. Domingos

Boat trips on the Guadiana River

Kayaking in the Guadiana

Ride to Pulo do Lobo

Guided tour of Castro Verde Crafts

Visit to the Basilica of Castro Verde

Islamic Centre of Mértola

Visit to Vale do Gonçalinho

Visit to Beja Route of the Monuments

  Casa dos Castelejos
Small and Big Game Hunting

A great hunting area, the hunting activity becomes extremely interesting for the region. Thanks to the large amount of wild boars that proliferate on the slopes of the hill of Mértola, along with partridges, hares and rabbits, hunting boars and small game hunting are often organised, thus becoming a source of income for the region.

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