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  Casa dos Castelejos

  Casa dos Castelejos

Planted close to a village, facing All the Alentejo of this World.
This is where the Casa dos Castelejos can be found. It implies being in the field and being in a village.
It implies being in a village as it is the last house of a picturesque village – Monte do Guerreiro.

It implies being in the field since, facing it, arms wide open, there is an endless, relaxing and cozy landscape which embraces us in a gentle way, with all the serenity the landscape of the Alentejo has to offer.
The Casa dos Castelejos respects the architectural traces of the villas of the Alentejo, with a modern twist in its decoration, equipped in a way as to provide its guests with the feeling of comfort, the hygiene of modernity and the pleasure of a warm environment, the concern of those who like to welcome people in the Alentejo. Thus, all the conditions are met to consider this the best place to enjoy multiple comforting sensations, with your family or friends, while strolling on foot or by bike to do exciting activities or even to visit everything the Alentejo has to offer.